Kansk on fire
An appeal to the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and to the President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping from citizens of Kansk.
City of Kansk is located in the centre of Siberia, 200 kilometers away from Krasnoyarsk. In May 2017, a fire lit up on a sawmill, which is owned by a citizen of China. This fire resulted in loss of 78 houses, 300 people became homeless.

Corrupt local authoroties, represented by the city mayor, Nadezhda Kachan, who was bribed and defended sawmills of chinese businessmen from monitoring, left all the victims of fire to fend for themselves. They didn't get new living accomodations or even money to reconstruct burnt houses.

We are desperate to get help from local authorities or chinese businessmen, so we turn directly to the leaders of our countries. Also, we turn to journalists and all the people, who are willing to hear us! We need your help!
President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin
President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping

It has been 5 years, that city of Kansk in the Krasnoyarsk Territory has been occupied by the businessmen from People's Republic of China. These businessmen conduct half-legal sawmilling business here. Round timber is delivered from all the nearby regions, it is processed primitively just to send wood to China, according to the formal customs law.

Sawmills don't give any places for work, don't give any tax liabilities, just hundreds and thousands cubic meters of litter, which surrounds the city and is easily set on fire.

Each summer the city cannot breathe in the smoke of fires. During the years of such chaos, hundreds and thousands of letters, petitions, appeals were written and sent to the city mayor, governor, heads of monitoring institutions, but nobody cares. May fires, which destroyed almost 80 homes, made 300 people homeless, killed 2 people and made 50 people suffer burns – are the result of such criminal permissiveness.

As it turned out, the head of the Kansk customs service and the supervision head of Ministry of Emergency Situations were bribed, so they could pay no attention to egregious irregularities and sign false inspection certificates. Investigators are trying to launch a criminal charge against Nadezhda Kachan, city mayor, but she comes off clear, as usual. There is no other way to explain it, except for high-rank protectorship.

It has been a month, but nothing has changed in Kansk. Victims of fire were given just a dab of money. What is 10000 roubles for a person and 50000 roubles for a family? These small amounts are given to those, who lost everything. People are made miserable, they are asked to visit different government institutions, to gather all the necessary papers needed for 110000 roubles compensation from the Russian government. And now, they try to take this money back. People were promised to get apartments in the building, which couldn't be built according to the modern standards.

In the meantime, Chinese businessmen still receive hundred of millions of roubles illegally on hazardous production facilities, but law enforcement and monitoring institutions still do not care. And officials under Kachan's command continue to line their pockets.

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